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Toddler Halloween Costumes – What can I do with my toddler?

There is no time of the year more thrilling for a toddler than Halloween. The idea of dressing up as someone else for a day, like a princess or a pirate, intrigues even adults but appeals especially to young children when their imagination is most active. Between staying up late at night and receiving free candy, Halloween holds a treasure trove of excitement for kids and mom. Unfortunately, Halloween can also be stressful since there is so much to remember. Here are some great steps to help keep mom cool and help toddlers have a wonderful Halloween.

1. Order the costume in advance. There are plenty of toddler Halloween costumes, so many that it might be difficult to even find where to start. Online stores make it easy, and top ranking sites like Amazon and buycostumes.com offer year round selection in toddler size costumes. For the costume to really work, it needs to please everyone–with mom at the top of the list, of course! If you have multiple children, try picking a theme. For instance, your son can be Peter Pan and your daughter can get Tinkerbell costume. Dad can even be Captain Hook! Remember though: Not all classrooms or daycares allow scary costumes for toddlers, so find out your school’s rules before purchasing.

2. Think of the things that your child likes and decorate the house together. While the older members of the family will do most of the house decorating, toddlers can definitely help. Making construction paper chain links as garland is easy and fun work, and decorating pages from Halloween-themed coloring books can also be something for your toddler to do to help out on the theme of the house.

3. Allow your child to help pick out candy or make snacks together with them. If you’re going to be staying at home and handing out candy to the rest of the neighborhood instead of going door to door, let the little one help pick the candy and the basket. Toddlers love to greet others and pass out candy. If you don’t want to go to the store to purchase candy, baking cookies at home is also a task that toddlers can help with. Working together will put everyone in the perfect family mood for Halloween. Many parents agree that the best candy for toddlers are fruit snacks since they are relatively non-messy and are also healthier than other alternatives.

4. Prepare for the big night. Whichever costume you choose for your toddler, make sure to check the weather and follow common Halloween safety instructions. If you fear that it might be a bit cold when Trick-or-Treating, order a bigger size in your child’s costume and dress them in warm, snuggly clothes beneath it. Have a route planned for Trick-or-Treating and always stay with your child. Let them know that taking candy from strangers is a big no-no!

Planning in advance and working together as a family can make Halloween a special time for everyone including your young toddler. Halloween is an age-old tradition and a wonderful bonding experience for families, so don’t let this holiday get away from you without making memories that last forever.

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