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  • Beer Mug 9-Count String Lights
    Beer Mug 9-Count String Lights: 9 beer mug mini-lights on a strand
    $9.97 from Walmart
  • Beer Pong Emergency Kit
    The Day of Games
    The Day of Games Beer Pong Emergency Kit includes:. Twenty six beer pong cups. Four 3-Star beer pong balls in yellow and white. One hammer shaped bottle opener keychain to "break in case of beer pong emergency"PERFECT GIFT FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS! You have been there before you come running home late at night, you are fired up to play, and you even picked up some beer on the way back - only to find out that you have no cups and no balls! You are no longer screwed. Just pull out your Emergency Beer Pong Kit and you are ready to go. Included are 4 beer pong balls, 26 beer pong cups (16 oz.) , and also a handy bottle opener. Balls are 3 Star High Quality Beer Pong balls - the best. Cups are 500ml (16 oz.) - regulation Beer Pong size. Great gift for your buddy who just can't get enough of this game.
    $46.47 from Walmart
  • Beer Bottle Brush
    BSG HandCraft
    The Beer Bottle Brush (5905) is designed specifically to help you reach and clean the entire interior surface of your bottles.
    $4.99 from Compact Appliance
  • Beer Garden Dome Terrarium
    Beer Garden Dome Terrarium: For ages 4 years and up Contents include: sprouting and growing dome, three color seed packs: wheat barley, hops, growing medium, 3 color plant stakes, natural gravel, 3 color decals, instructions and info booklet
    $19.00 from Walmart
  • Beer Garden Plant Kit
    Beer Garden Plant Kit: For ages 4 years and up Contents include: sprouting and growing dome, wheat seeds, barley seeds, hops seeds, growing medium, 3 color plant stakes, gravel, decals and informational instruction guide
    $19.00 from Walmart
  • Beer Garden Dome Terrarium
    Everyone loves the taste of fresh beer, and now you can grow beer in your very own beer garden. You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer-making plants. Hops sprout quickly and easily and barley is integral in making beer and can regulate blood sugar levels for up to ten hours after consumption. Finally, heat is used to aid in fermentation of these plants. Brand: Dunecraft Hops and barely sprout and grow quickly and easily Contains everything you need to start several harvests of beer-making plants Game: Beer Garden Dome Terrarium
    $32.49 from Walmart

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