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The voices

Shut Up Voices else I will poke you again with a q-tip!

  • Voice Caddie Digital Putting Caddie PT-30
    Voice Caddie Golf
    Benefits: Consistency Is Key Do you know your own strength? Imagine a situation where your ball is 3 meters from the hole. You misjudge your stroke and hit hard and fast enough for a 5 meter shot. However, your putter doesn't hit the ball correctly and th
    $59.00 from Rock Bottom Golf
  • Voice Workout For The Actor (dvd)
    Actors needing training for his or her voice can utilize this instructional video that combines elements of yoga and t'ai chi in order to maximize the breathing muscles involved in projecting the voice. Perry Seibert, Rovi
    $89.99 from Best Buy
  • Voice Of The City (dvd)
    Writer/director/actor Willard Mack took one look at the blockbuster stage play Broadway and said to himself "I can do that, and at half the price." The result was Voice of the City, in which Mack does what amounts to a carbon copy of Thomas Jackson's performance as the detective protagonist of Broadway. The plotline involves Robert Ames, a young man wrongly accused of murder. At first, Mack relentlessly pursues Ames, but once convinced of the boy's innocence, the detective uses as many dirty tricks as he can muster to pin the blame on the real killer, gangster John Miljan. Opera star Geraldine Farrar once described Willard Mack as "brilliant-but a lousy writer." Not exactly lousy, Mack did however worship at the altar of banality in Voice of the City. Trivia note: This film's leading lady was Sylvia Field, wife of Broadway star Ernest Truex and later the first Mrs. Wilson on the TV sitcom Dennis the Menace. Hal Erickson, Rovi
    $14.99 from Best Buy
  • Voice Of Jerusalem (dvd)
    Ofer Naim's documentary Voice of Jerusalem presents a history of the renowned city, and attempts to look at what the future holds for this powerful place that is considered the home of the three largest religions throughout the world. Perry Seibert, Rovi
    $19.99 from Best Buy
  • Voices For Freedom: A Prison Concert (dvd)
    Voices for Freedom: A Prison Concert (DVD)
    $14.99 from Best Buy
  • Voices (dvd)
    Amy Irving plays a deaf woman whose ambition is to become a professional dancer in this drama. Rosemarie Lemon is unhappy with the support she is getting from her family for her dreams. She meets a sensitive truck driver, Drew Rothman (Michael Ontkean) , and they become lovers. Rothman's family is full of hatred for the world and ridicules his dream of becoming a singer. Their common ambitions and need for support make their relationship stronger, as each pursues a dream. Director Robert Markowitz uses rock & roll songs to fill in the parts in the movie where Lemon's deafness is emphasized. The soundtrack includes tunes by Burton Cummings, Tom Petty, and Willie Nelson. Michael Betzold, Rovi
    $14.99 from Best Buy

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